Monday, July 21, 2014

Loving What You Make

Right now, I'm in the midst of lots of developments for Banana Grove Designs in areas like blogging and marketing. It's all very exciting! Recently, though,  I have felt the need to take another look at the most important area of owning a jewelry shop...the jewelry.

For a while, I have been dissatisfied with many of the pieces in my shop. I'm realizing what a problem it is for me to sell something if I'm not absolutely in love with it! To be honest, I'm not a jewelry fanatic, and I usually have to really like something in order to buy it for myself. Some people might think I shouldn't be selling jewelry when I don't naturally own or like a ton of it, but I view it as a positive thing! If I'm making jewelry that I would love, it means I'm being highly selective. Customers can only benefit from that.

With these thoughts in mind, I've spent some time figuring out what I like to produce, what pieces I love the most, etc. and developed some goals:

  • I purpose to LOVE everything in my shop
  • I purpose to make pieces that are simple, but visually interesting 
  • I purpose to have a greater role in producing elements instead of merely assembling them (The pieces I've loved the most, I've had a greater hand in producing, by the way.)
  • I purpose to make things that fit my own style
  • I purpose to plan each and every thing I design so I can bring it to customers more efficiently
  • I purpose to learn new techniques that will allow me to make more of what I love

Do you have goals for your own business? Are you making sure that what you produce is something you love?

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