Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th to You!

Hope you've had a great holiday! For me, today wound up being less about the 4th and more about having a free day to get stuff done. But last night, my family and I really went above and beyond what we usually do to celebrate Independence Day...

Every year our community always has a big concert/fireworks show at a local campus. In the past, we've just watched the display from a distance to avoid the crowds. This year, though, my mom figured out a way for us to participate and still stay as far away from the thickest part of the crowd as possible while having a quick route to the parking lot so we can avoid traffic. (We're really not agoraphobes, it just sounds like it.)

Anyway, I took some pictures! It was a gorgeous day, not too hot with plenty of breezes and cloud cover. There were lots of happy people and the band was good! They played everything from James Taylor to Garth Brooks to Simon and Garfunkle. We had cold chicken, potato salad and brownies while enjoying the music and each other.

This is just one small portion of the crowd.

People played...

Smaller people played...

Not sure what this man was doing, but heaven knows, he loves his country.

The campus has awesome outdoor areas and this amphitheater is perfect for the musicians.

After the band left, a small local orchestra began playing. They're all pros, and it was gorgeous!

The flag waving...

One member of my camp...the sister. :)

As soon as it got dark, these came out...

And then of course...

Hope your 4th was as festive as my 3rd! :) Happy 238th Birthday, America...



  1. That was a really fun evening...minus the 2 hours in the traffic trying to get home. :)

  2. My pictures of fireworks always turn out so awful, but yours look great! :) Cute blog!

    1. Thanks, Lex!!! :) That was the only firework pic that looked post-able, truth be told. ;)


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