Wednesday, August 27, 2014 be Authentic: Alisha of The Alisha Nicole

Today's guest is the last in August's Authenticity-themed Inspired series. Alisha runs the blog The Alisha Nicole in which she chronicles the events of her business and provides consultations for other bloggers/small businesses. Alisha's business is jewelry, and when I first discovered her blog,  her story and her very honest way of telling it, resonated with me. I'm so happy she agreed to participate in the series today! Here are her words about authenticity and the person who inspires her to be herself...

When I think of someone who inspires me daily to be authentic, the first person that comes to mind is my mother. She is not only someone that I look up to for pretty much everything but she has always raised me and my sister to embrace who we truly are. Growing up I never saw her change the way she was in fear of what others would think and she is known as the person who will always give it to you straight (without being rude of course).

Growing up I struggled with wanting to always fit in and often felt like I had to change myself or hide who I really was in order to make friends. It wasn’t until my mother began telling me stories about how she tried hard to be someone she wasn’t when she was younger and how it never worked out in her favor. I remember her telling me that we were all created with different gifts and that I was only hurting myself by trying to change who I was meant to be.

That is something that I’ve continued to hold onto well into my adult years. Authenticity has become so important to me because I want people to know the person behind the brand. When I started my blog I vowed to myself to stay unapologetically authentic. I wanted my readers to know that I’m a real person who goes through real life issues. Of course I’m not rude and some things I still keep private but for the most part I am an open book. I want my blog readers and clients to be able to connect with me on a personal level. That would be nearly impossible if I were too busy trying to be someone else. Unfortunately we live in a world where it is so easy for anyone to get online and just make up a new identity or personality.

Of course I have struggled with that too, and I’m sure most of us have. It's so easy to see what is working for others and try to change our ways to see if it will work for us as well. But I quickly learned that that’s not how it works. When I begin to struggle with staying true to myself, what helps me to stay focused is stepping away. I’ll stop whatever I am doing and ask myself “Am I doing this for me or am I doing this because of others?” Asking that one simple question always puts things into prospective for me and gets me back on track!

We are all here for a different purpose and trying to fit ourselves into what someone else is meant to do will never work. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Alisha! Happy Belated Birthday, too, by the way! ;)

Next month in the Inspired series, we'll be hearing from four ladies about who inspires them to practice hospitality! Make sure you stop by!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Le Ballet

I was once a tiny dancer. :) My sister and I both took ballet when we were little girls and loved it a lot. Sadly, there were less than pleasant elements and pressures that accompanied dance as we got older, and we decided to stop. But, there is so much beauty to appreciate and at its core, dance is a form of praise. Sometimes, I wish I still danced in some capacity. Were you ever a tiny dancer and do you still make time to enjoy it? I started a pinterest board dedicated to beautiful ballet here

Friday, August 22, 2014

Box of Chocolates Friday 8.22.14

I woke up this morning, and saw my hair doing something similar to Ana's. Problem. I hope you all have a good weekend! I'll be hoping we get some warm weather sans the humidity in Ohio. It's brutal today.

-I had a moment this week when I wished I was anywhere else...this looks good:

-Really liked these tips from Betsy on building community through your blog.

-Is anyone else wondering how long it will take before the fire that is the ice bucket challenge dies out? Has this sort of thing ever happened before?

-This little blouse is from anthropologie and I just thought it was really pretty.

-It's now on my bucket list to visit this library in Missouri! Incredible!

-What clever mommies do when their kids draw on walls.

-A retirement community jams out to Pharrell's Happy.

-Be yourself.

-This is great...


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back Up...20 Answers

My title today has dual meanings:

  • My Inspired guest poster for today had a rough week, and this is the backup plan. 
  • I often feel like I haven't fully introduced myself on my blog, and I should go back and do a little intro.

Therefore, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about myself in list format (this feels weird, but I know I really enjoy it when other bloggers share facts about themselves, so here goes):
  1. I live in Ohio, but I'm originally from Alabama. I've also lived in Texas and South Carolina. I love where I am now!
  2. Before this year, my job was teaching ESL to South Korean students online for 5 years. (that means, I'm pale)
  3. I don't remember when I was converted to Christianity. It feels like I've been a Christian all my life.
  4. Lord of the Rings was my teenage obsession. (that means, I'm a nerd)
  5. The farthest away from home I've been is Europe: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg
  6. I'd love to go back!
  7. Good books are as chocolate to me. I love chocolate.
  8. I don't drink coffee regularly, it gives me heart palpitation things. 
  9. I drink black tea instead.
  10. I share my parents' basement apartment with my older and only sister. 
  11. Warm weather is the best kind. I get really restless in long winters. 
  12. I watch the Rocky movies when I get sick. Getting strong now!
  13. My jewelry business is my pride. I never imagined it would be so satisfying to create something out of nothing like this. It holds me accountable in a lot of ways. I'm very thankful!
  14. There are few music genres I don't appreciate. My favorites are soft rock, pop, folk rock, alternative, rock, classical, country, jazz, bluegrass and stuff from musicals.
  15. I'm single cause the Lord hasn't brought the right man around yet. I often feel like just yelling, "Get here, already!!!" (that means, I'm impatient)
  16. My first concert was James Taylor in Albuquerque in 2000.
  17. If I weren't living in Ohio, I'd love to live in California.
  18. I have a bachelor's in English.
  19. Gene Kelly is my favorite. 
  20. One of my favorite vacation spots is Montreat, North Carolina.
Thanks for reading! Tune in next Wednesday for the rest of the Inspired to be Authentic series! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Local Love: Wisp

Today, I'm sharing a haunt of mine. :) Wisp is a small yarn and knitting shop not too far from where I live in mid-Ohio. The owner is Anne-Sara. She's originally from the UK and has an incredible gift for design! Her adorable shop is filled with colorful, quality yarns, knitting patterns, ribbon, knitting needles, crochet hooks, blankets, and handmade knit items. The shop is full of light and just has an incredibly lovely feel. If you're anywhere near Granville, Ohio, you should really stop by! Wisp is right across from the side entrance to the library downtown. Last week, I drove out and took some shots of all the pretty things...

Wisp will soon be launching a website, so those of you who just fell in love with this little shop will be able to purchase gorgeous, quality yarn for your knitting projects even if you're not in mid-Ohio. I'll let you know as soon as it goes live! In the meantime, follow along on Wisp's facebook page.

Anne-Sara politely requested to not be in any photos, but she did say "yes" when I asked if I could get a shot of her cool sneakers. :)


Monday, August 18, 2014

Craft Show #1

This is me at my first craft show (taken on a smartphone early in the mornin'). My mother and sister helped me put together this beautiful little display and Dad helped set up my tent and tables. THANK YOU FAMILY! I had a lovely day manning my little booth with said sister and it was fun hanging out with the friends who were also in the show. We spoke to bunches of people and handed out a lot of business cards, as well as practiced the art of selling in person (no website to hide behind here, just a table). I enjoyed the opportunity to meet more locals and learned a lot. I also got invited to be in another craft show in November, so that's exciting!

I'm just blessed to be doing something I enjoy so much and to be exploring all the different avenues it'll take me down. And I'm thankful to be sharing it with you! Writing to you every week is a huge joy for me! Thanks for following along!

Tomorrow, I'm introducing you to one of the cutest shops in the little hamlet of Granville, Ohio, which is one of my favorite towns. My sister and I have recently developed a friendship with the owner and she let me come take photos (great practice!). See you then...


Friday, August 15, 2014

Box of Chocolates Friday Issue No.1

Thanks to Joanna Goddard, most blogs are posting "Friday Faves" with random links and fun stuff from the week. I enjoy doing the same, but my posts have gone from being called weird little "Farrago Friday" to boring "8.8.14". Well, I like my Fridays too much to not give them a more decent name...

From now on, it's "Box of Chocolates Friday" cause you never know what you're gonna get (that's right, the title's based on that movie reference). I'll be posting links, but I'll also post the most random things I saw, or read, or did or thought. Or you might get something entirely different from week to week. You just never know...

From this week:

-I tried to have a photo shoot with my cat. It didn't go very well.

-12 Wendell Berry Quotes That Will Give You A Fresh Perspective 

-Really cool watercolor mug DIY from Poppytalk! These are so pretty!

-I appreciated this post by Erin Loechner about blogging these days. It's not dying out!

-Don't you think these temporary tattoos Anna blogged about are cool? They look just like jewelry.

-This is from Joanna Goddard. Hilarious flowchart of when to say "goodbye" at a party and when to "ghost" (it's a verb now that means to leave without telling anyone).

-I got this from my friend Heather on facebook... she captioned it, "Everyone is fighting a battle. Some of them are invisible. So hug someone." 'Bout made me cry. :( RIP Robin Williams.

-Sometimes, I go to my pinterest board of gifs, play them all simultaneously and pretend I'm in Hogwarts.


-Have you all heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It's purpose was to raise awareness of Lou Gehrigs disease and it worked! Thousands of people have videoed themselves pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads and challenging others to do the same. My favorites so far, are the ones of my favorite figure skaters, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir. :)

Y'all have a great weekend! I'm going to spend most of it sitting behind a table at my first craft show! Can't wait!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014 be Authentic: Bailey of Brave Love

Today in the Inspired series, we are hearing from another blogger favorite of mine, Bailey of Brave Love. Bailey is a girl who gets around! She has been busily moving over the last couple of months, first from Seattle to Texas and now to Oklahoma for grad school. She is kind enough to share her journey and goals with her readers in a very honest way all while giving praise to God.

I'm excited to have her here to share about a person who inspires her to be authentic. Take it away, Bailey...

You may not know this, but I am an actress. I have devoted the past nine years to pursuing theatre, telling stories as authentically and beautifully as I can. Along the way I have encountered many unique and memorable characters, and I'm not just talking about the ones in my scripts. Theatre people are among the most uniquely wired individuals, each with a story of their own and a knack for inviting you into the worlds of others.

What was startling to me when I first jumped into this world and profession were the acts said theatre people maintained in their daily lives. Many, but not all, kept up a front that made it hard to get to know the deepest parts of them, the vulnerable places that tie hearts and hands together. We're performers by nature, always wanting to be the best or biggest version of ourselves. Sometimes it's hard to let that guard down. We're told to be perfect, and it feels dangerous to be anything less than.

Two years ago I met a beautiful young woman named Devin, and I am not exaggerating when I say she has changed my life. I say she is beautiful because there is no other word to describe this gal and her heart. Actually, come to think of it, authentic would be my only other choice. No one loves, lives, feels, or breathes as deeply as she does. Devin is my grand-little. In our college theatre department the freshmen are given a big brother/sister figure each year, and she is part of my theatre family.  Devin swept me away with her easy flowing laughter, her desire for life at its fullest, and the sensitivity with which she sees this world and those in it. Five minutes with the girl and I knew I wanted to be her when I grew up.

No one has made me feel as safe, beautiful, or valued as she has. Whether it was on a post-rehearsal frozen yogurt date where she knew every student that walked through the door or one of our many midnight tears-and-prayer sessions in the dorm parking lot, she was never less than fully herself. 

On my blog, I have written several times about what I think it means to "be you, bravely." I've asked others and gathered many opinions, and over time I have learned that I feel most free to be bravely me, to be truly authentic, when someone else steps out first. I can't pinpoint it to one conversation, but Devin paved the way for me to be unapologetically myself, emotions, fears, dreams and all.  An inspiration in many ways, she is also immensely talented (and humble) musically. I have spent many days lying on her couch, listening to her play and sing (listen to Devin here. She has a gorgeous voice!), and her songs have brought encouragement in many of my recent seasons. The lyrics are rich and straight from the soul, and I'd have to say it is brave of her to put her heart on the line like that. But she does it again and again, and it works more wonders than she probably knows.

Don't we all want that? To be truly authentic and unapologetic? Graceful, humble, and impactful? I know I do. But I often find myself waiting. If I am in a room full of strangers, or even at coffee with one other person, I hesitate. I hold my breath and wait for them to drop the drawbridge first. But what if we knocked down our walls without a second thought? What if we paved the way for others to be authentic by letting them in to our worlds first? Oh, what a powerful thing that would be!

Think about it. Next time you're at coffee and someone asks you, "How are you?" really answer them. Lay it out there. Trust your gut on this obviously, but if you trust them, let them in. Don't wave it off with a "I'm busy but fine," or "Eh, I'm okay." Pull people into your circle. You need everyone in the fighting ring with you that you can get. Then maybe, just maybe, they will let the wall down, too. Your bravery, your authenticity will show them there is hope, strength, and freedom to be had. And maybe together you can build one another up, using the stones from those same walls to build a platform, a stand onto which you can gather others on too. A tidal wave of authenticity. Wouldn't that be something!

Beautiful, Bailey! Thank you for sharing with us today and good luck in grad school! :)

You guys should go check out Brave Love, and have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When Life Gives You Lentils (How to View Life's Boring Moments)...

"I would've gladly taken lemons! Lemons?? Are you kidding me?! I would've gone above and beyond lemonade, made lemon pie or lemon cookies or just eaten that refreshing lemon by its awesome self. There's nothing so bad about lemons! But, no, I didn't get lemons this time. This time, I got lentils. Those tiny little bean-like things that look like seeds. In fact, I'm pretty sure they are just seeds. They're supposedly good for you, but they're kind of annoying to eat cause you don't know what they're doing in your meal and they have no taste. Lentils are boring. And that's what I got."

What do you do when life gives you lentils? These are the circumstances that produce yawns. These are the years that seem like a clone of the previous boring year. These are the sleep-inducing moments in life when nothing seems to be happening. And they always seem to occur when everything is happening to everyone else. No one new has entered your life, that job opportunity didn't pan out, everything's exactly the way it was. When nothing's changing or we're stuck in a rut, and we desperately want to move on in life, what perspective should we take? How do we view these times?

1. It won't last forever...speaking from experience, I know that while it feels as though your life will never change and you'll still be in the same spot 10 years from now, it's not the truth. You'll be wishing for the slow times soon enough. Except at that point you probably won't refer to them as "slow" or "boring" but as "calm" and "peaceful" and maybe use phrases like "the good ole days."

2. It's good for you...lentils are healthy, remember? If nothing wildly exciting is currently happening to you, it might be a sign that you need a rest. Perhaps, you need to gear up for something soon to come. Focus on how you can put this time to good use. Maybe, you've been given a chance to do some maintenance.

3. Internal change is still change...often we tend to measure the changes in our lives with a yardstick that others can see. When we get to the end of the year and have very few things to tell our friends about in that Christmas letter, we might feel a little ashamed, right? But, that doesn't mean we haven't experienced change. It's just change no one else can see. Be kind to yourself.

4. Change yourself!, as I was writing this post, "Man in the Mirror" popped up on Pandora radio (not kidding). If there's no change in your life and you're ready for one, make it happen. What can you do to affect your circumstances? Often there's nothing happening to us and we can't do anything about that, but sometimes, we have the ability to affect change. Thank you, Michael Jackson. (That's the last time I'm ever saying that on this blog.)

5. Maybe someone needs you...If everything is happening to everyone else, maybe your service is needed. If everyone's going crazy all at once, who's going to be the voice of reason? Be on the lookout for ways you can be strong or wise for the people going through upheaval right now.

6. Learn patience... I'm not going to expound on the virtuous qualities of patience (we've all heard it), but I will say that we have tons of opportunities to learn patience and we often pass them by. Soooo many times in my life, I've felt like waving my hand in the air and yelling to God, "My turn! My turn!" And, what I'm really supposed to do is wait for my turn quietly. It's hard. But, if you practice it every chance you get, it'll become easier.

7. Thank God my life's boring...If your life is calm, if your routine is still routine, that means you're not living in the war torn middle east, you're not frantically searching for your missing child, and you're not battling a deadly disease. Take a moment to remember the sweetness of peace.

I say these things to you because I need to say them to myself right now. Viewing slow times in a positive way is not my natural inclination, but I must try. Being hopeful for whatever it is we're waiting for is the only thing to do. We should do it with thankfulness for the present and trust that God has a reason for everything, including the seemingly boring phases of life. Do you have thoughts on this topic? Please share them!

And don't forget to eat your lentils! :)


Monday, August 11, 2014

Life in Color: Poppy Red

I have a new color obsession. This orange-red shade is so vibrant and pretty. I'm not sure why I've been drawn to it this summer, but I have!


I found this article by Kenzie from Hello Neverland just last night and it expressed a lot of the same sentiments from my post on Thursday: what it means to write a valuable/useful blog post. Check it out!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! I spent most of Saturday in an awesome self defense training course! I learned some incredibly valuable stuff, and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity. If you haven't already, you should really consider acquiring some knowledge on protecting yourself. You're valuable!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

The "Use" of What We Blog

Recently, I've been seeing posts about usefulness in blogging and the necessity of sharing things with your readers that will be helpful in their day-to-day. To tell you the truth, this concept bothered me at first. Not because I don't understand why readers would be drawn to blog posts that are applicable to their own lives, but because I wasn't sure what that meant for me. I don't write about recipes or DIYs. I don't garden or make organic cleaning products. I don't even feel like enough of an expert on blogging to offer much insight to newbies. What am I left with?

I began scrolling through the daily posts of a lot of my favorite blogs, taking note of which ones piqued my interest enough to make me click on them, and very few of the topics I listed above caught my fancy. But... I did click on the posts that were related to personal growth, humorous stories and random fun stuff. I was also drawn to tips on organization, business, some style and beauty ideas, and wisdom for dealing with different life situations. Guess what? Those are the very things I enjoy writing about. Those are the topics that I always seem to have ideas for. And while they may not be useful in a "hands-on" way, I have found them very useful and encouraging in my own life, and I know other women do, too. As a matter of fact, the blog I always read is Jess Lively's. She sticks to all the topics I just mentioned and hers is one of the most successful blogs I follow.

My point is that through this little bit of introspection, I was able to pinpoint the sort of posts I love writing and gain confidence that others do enjoy reading them. Obviously, if you're a blogger, it's vital that your content be useful to your reader, but that doesn't always mean the same thing. Usefulness has different manifestations. Find the things that you enjoy reading yourself and/or are encouraged by and focus on bringing that content to your readers in a helpful way.

Do you have any thoughts on what makes a blog post useful to you?


Wednesday, August 6, 2014 be Authentic: Jen+Eric Generation

I am so excited to kick off the first post in the "Inspired" series today! Each month in this series, four different bloggers will write about a character quality I've chosen and a specific person in her life who demonstrates that quality. My goal for this series is that it would give encouragement and inspiration to readers and allow bloggers to share more about themselves in a unique way. The first topic I chose is one that I have been pondering a lot recently (as you know if you're a regular reader): Authenticity.

Our first guest blogger is Jenny from Jen+Eric Generation, one of my favorite lifestyle reads (make sure you check it out!). It's a blog dedicated to "defying mediocrity" with a slogan straight from C. S. Lewis: "We are far too easily pleased." :) Jenny is a great writer, and I was thrilled when she agreed to be a part of the series. She must have telepathic abilities, too, because she captured what I had in mind for this project exactly without having any examples before her.

Without further ado, here's Jenny's story about who inspires her to be authentic...

"Be yourself" is an anthem we hear all the time. While I think everyone would agree that 'yourself' is the only person you should be, the phrase is vague and not exactly motivating in a culture that screams the ubiquitous message that we all must look a certain way, buy specific products, say the right things, and just overall be normal. That's what the media tells us, anyway. But motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and people who generally seem content in their own skin, tell us a different message: you have to stand out to be successful. You'll never be happy being someone else besides you.

I completely agree that everyone should be their own authentic selves. Don't we all? It makes the world a lot more interesting. But, as the second oldest in my family and a born rule-follower, sometimes my people-pleasing side and my side that wants to be honest, are in competition. It's hard to stick your neck out there and be a little different sometimes. Confirmation is a comforting thing. But that deep realization that confirmation from other's is not something that should drive us, is something I want to be really comfortable with.

When Anna asked me who I know that really demonstrates authenticity, I had to think about it. My first thought was, "well, all of my friends and family". I value creativity and marching to the beat of your own drum pretty highly, and I think most of the people I really connect with are pretty authentic people. But then it hit me who the most authentic person I know is.

Julie being herself at a very young age

My sister Julie is the older of my two younger sisters. We are nineteen months apart, and in a lot of ways very similar. But in most ways, we are very different. Growing up, our personalities balanced each other out perfectly and we got along the majority of the time. I was the polite one never wanting to offend in social settings, with a fake laugh that sounded pretty real. Julie never committed to something she didn't actually want to do, never led a guy on (even accidentally), and couldn't care less about her popularity status.

Today, Julie would tell you that April Ludgate (played by Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation) is her role-model. You don't know Julie, so that probably sounds odd if you are familiar with the dry, totally weird, funny and sarcastic character that is April. Julie is all of those things, but in a less socially awkward way. But the thing about April is that she gets to be herself. And that is something Julie has always been.

Growing up, if I was in a heated argument debate with my older brother or youngest sister, Julie would usually interject with nonsensical statements in her attempt to lighten the mood. She sings Broadway songs loudly and constantly, and rarely loses a staring contest. She is an introvert who was heavily involved in drama in high school and college, and is completely comfortable in front of a crowd.

In high school, she created a youtube channel for her random monologues, rants, and musical interpretations of her favorite songs from musicals. While the rest of the family laughed and cringed at her very public display of what used to be only an at-home indulgence, she steadily grew a large following of adoring fans. And when the occasional hater left a rude comment about how idiotic or ugly she was (ha!), she was happy for the challenge to leave brilliant responses for them dripping in sarcasm. It made the rude people look pretty foolish, and made Julie's channel all the more amusing.

Julie and me at her wedding shower four years ago

I casually asked Julie how she is able to not care about the approval of others, and this is what she told me: "Being authentic is a win-win: yeah, you might put your foot in your mouth sometimes, but it also means you are equipped for a genuine apology. You have to be authentically considerate, too". Isn't that just the truth? That is definitely something I have come to value more and more in others as I get older, and strive for myself. Striving to be honest, in every area of life, makes us more true to our own personalities, and frees us from caring what other people think. And while being honest may occasionally bring out the worst in ourselves, it will also mean we are facing our faults head on. And that is the only way improvement is made.

Being honest with ourselves and others is something I talk a lot about on my blog. I think typically we think of being honest as telling the truth, but you can still tell the truth and not be honest. Telling the whole truth, even when it paints a less flattering picture, is difficult to do. It takes some getting used to, even in our own thought life. For me, being authentic gets easier when you break down your motives to yourself. Ask yourself why you are agreeing to something, why you are spending your time this way instead of a different way, etc.  Make a commitment to questioning your motives. And be honest in your answers every time.

Obviously, there is a time for being polite when it would be more natural for you to be rude. Manners do have their place in a civil society. But we can also practice making graciousness a more genuine part of our lives. And in that sense, we can become more authentic in our interactions with others simply by wanting to be polite. What might not feel natural at first can be learned, if it is a quality we want to display. Being authentic is not always easy, but the alternative leads to discontentment. And in the end, being honest is a lot less burdensome than being someone else.

"Amen" to that. :) Thanks so much for being here today, Jenny and for sharing Julie's inspiration with us!

Is there someone in your life who inspires you to be yourself? Leave a comment below and make sure you check out Jen+Eric Generation. :)


Monday, August 4, 2014

Authenticity in Blogging

This month is all about Authenticity....the struggle to be nothing but real and the people in our lives who inspire us with their own strong sense of self. Every Wednesday, a different guest blogger will share about someone in her life who inspires her to be authentic. I am so excited for you to read what they've written!

For me, personally, I have been inspired a lot by the simple act of writing to you every week. Having to figure out what my blog is about and its content has caused me to examine what I am about and the things that make me unique. The truth is, there are tons of blogs out there (the internet is saturated with them), and the only thing that makes mine any different from all the rest is me. My natural tendency is to do or be what will make others happy and learning to embrace how God made me, whether it makes everyone happy or not, has been incredibly stretching and beneficial. I hadn't expected to experience that sort of growth from having this blog, but surprise surprise, the Lord is teaching me again. :) The project I undertook simply to build and market my business has been growing me into a more confident person who embraces herself.

So, in a way, I could say that I have been inspired to be authentic by this blog and all of the bloggers I've connected with who don't encourage me to be more like them, but more like myself. And I'm also inspired by you because you continue reading and you keep me striving to be real.
Thanks. :)


Friday, August 1, 2014


That was one of the fastest weeks I've ever lived! What in the world?! And one of the fastest months. Stay as long as possible, Summer. Please. I need you.

Here are a few things from my week:

-Michaela mentioned that this jacket was on sale and since I've been looking for one just like it...I bought it.

-I just bought these Photoshop Element actions from A Beautiful Mess, and now I have to figure out how to use them.

-This...The Daily Routines of Famous Creatives. My goal is to emulate the early to bed, early to rise people.

-I'm going to try making these. And then, I'm going to eat them. Recipe from One Brass Fox here.

-I spent a lovely, happy afternoon with my sisters, biological and adopted. There was a lot of laughing and my photographer sister and I did a lot of shooting. :)

-This article has me thinking about how to make my blog posts more useful to you, the readers. Any ideas? Shoot me a message in the comments.

-Annnnd, I'm feeling a bit emotional today. I hope the weekend turns my frown upside down. I'm not as good at crying as this guy.

Have a great weekend, guys!