Monday, August 18, 2014

Craft Show #1

This is me at my first craft show (taken on a smartphone early in the mornin'). My mother and sister helped me put together this beautiful little display and Dad helped set up my tent and tables. THANK YOU FAMILY! I had a lovely day manning my little booth with said sister and it was fun hanging out with the friends who were also in the show. We spoke to bunches of people and handed out a lot of business cards, as well as practiced the art of selling in person (no website to hide behind here, just a table). I enjoyed the opportunity to meet more locals and learned a lot. I also got invited to be in another craft show in November, so that's exciting!

I'm just blessed to be doing something I enjoy so much and to be exploring all the different avenues it'll take me down. And I'm thankful to be sharing it with you! Writing to you every week is a huge joy for me! Thanks for following along!

Tomorrow, I'm introducing you to one of the cutest shops in the little hamlet of Granville, Ohio, which is one of my favorite towns. My sister and I have recently developed a friendship with the owner and she let me come take photos (great practice!). See you then...


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