Monday, October 13, 2014

Highs and Lows

Hey Guys! The week is off to a pretty good start! I got up this morning! :)

Today, I'm participating in Jenna's "coffee date" linkup on the highs and lows of last week. Because I'd rather think about the happy stuff last, I'll begin with the lows:

-Realizing I'm behind on my monthly goals.

-Late nights and tiredness all week long.

-Stress from the news, taking on too much, etc.

-Feeling cold...happens every year.

THE HIGHS (thank the Lord for the highs):

-Had my first experience rock wall climbing with some good friends and kind of fell in love with it! I think I'm going back this week. :)

-Was reminded to trust God in the midst of confusion and chaos...Proverbs 3:5-6

-Picked up my smart phone upgrade. I also got wise and set Pandora as my morning alarm clock so I wake up to happy music instead of the annoying ringtone that kills my mood.

-Worked on the design for a new pair of earrings that I'm planning to show you soon! I love them, personally, so I hope you do too!

-Spent some sweet time with friends and family. They all mean so much to me! :)

I hope your week had more highs than lows! What were they?



  1. Rock wall climbing! So so fun! I haven't been in so long, but it is such a blast!

  2. There was adrenaline! I don't think I'm afraid of heights, but I've always hated the feeling of falling, (even slowly), so getting lowered back down was a challenge. But, the climb was such fun!!!

  3. Ohhhh, can't wait to see these earring designs!!! Do share! Love your highs, girl. Also, that photo is beautiful!

  4. Thanks Jenna!!! And I'll be sharing real soon. :)

  5. I so feel ya on working longer hours and getting behind on goals. If it's any consolation, know that you're not alone in that! Hooray for new starts each day, right?

    And another hooray for rock wall climbing! I did that in high school once and always wished I did it again. It's so much fun (which says a lot coming from someone who's afraid of heights!). :)

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, Kiki! New starts are a huge blessing! :)

    The wall was 25 ft. high, and while I've never felt particularly afraid of heights before, it was a challenge to trust I'd get down safely! You should try it again since you enjoyed it so much! I'm going again this week, and If you lived closer than the Pacific Northwest, I'd invite you to go with me. :D


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