Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Trends

Happy Monday! Rarely, do I have to retreat into the weekdays for some peace and quiet, but that's kind of how I feel this week. It was a lovely, but crazy weekend that included  a 5am bed time one night in order to fill a jewelry order. (My goal for October was to get up at 5, not go to bed at 5! :)) But, honestly, here's hoping more of that happens in the next couple of months. The holiday countdown is real. How are you preparing for it? 

Segue, into a fluffy subject...

In all of it's "haute-ness" and "couture-ness", the fashion industry has been right in sync with what I've been drawn to this fall. I'm seeing trends like these everywhere:

1. Black & White

2. Sporty sporty

3. Burgundy

4. Blush

5. Florals ("for fall? groundbreaking.")

6. Zippers

7. Trench

Feeling any of the above? :)


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  1. I've seen burgandy everywhere, too! It seems like it's all over the blog and Pinterest world lately. I have yet to get anything that color, but the more I see it, the more I like it.

    And I also love florals--any time of the year. That pullover sweatshirt you found is adorable!

  2. I agree with you, Kiki, about burgundy. I would like more of it my closet!

  3. I just grabbed a t-shirt from target in burgundy cause I've been drawn to it so much! It's lively and muted at the same time.


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