Friday, October 31, 2014

What I WOULD'VE Worn If I'd Gone Trick or Treating...

I have never gone in for Halloween. And you can guess why. It's the same personal conviction many people have about what's behind the holiday (no judging you if you enjoy it, though :)). My parents felt the same way, so I never went trick or treating as a kid. But, I always enjoyed dressing up when I was little and had a deep love for movie and book characters. If I had walked the streets with a plastic pumpkin from ages 4 to 12, this is totally what I would have worn....

1994 - A Mouse - I loved little mice (think Beatrix Potter) when I was a tot. And Mom would've come up with something adorable for me to wear.

1995 - Piglet - I was Piglet as a child. I'm not sure how I feel about that now.

1996 - Cinderella - It's Cinderella, dude! She was my favorite Disney princess.

1997 - Nancy Drew - Nancy was the coolest. And somehow all 56 original yellow hardback mysteries wound up in my old attic.

1998 - Kirsten - I was an American Girl enthusiast. Back when it was at its best.

1999 - Ballerina - I'm just realizing how typical my choices would have been. I'd say I was a pretty normal little girl, at least!

2000 - Queen Amidala - Do y'all remember the craze over this movie??? It was insane. And attempting to imitate this look would have been equally insane. Good luck, 10 year old self.

2001 - spy - Not just any spy...I would've channeled Laura Holt. My sister and I got into '80s spy/detective shows around the turn of the century. I can still hear the theme songs in my head.

2002 - Lord of the Rings elf - Last, but certainly not least... An elf. Massive obsession with these books and movies. Massive. Trick or treating would've ended at age 12 but the obsession continued for another 2 or 3 or 10 years.

So, there you are. You now know more about me than you wanted to know. What were you into as a kid and could you have gotten a costume out of it? :) Have a happy Friday!


(photos: mouse; piglet; cinderella; kirsten; ballerina)

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  1. LOVE it!!! You and I would have been fighting over who got to be Queen Amidala, though! :)


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