Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

Hey there! Another new month, another opportunity to make goals and mark progress. There's something refreshing and comforting in doing both. And there's something extremely motivating in sharing them with you. :) Here's how I did with October's goals:

1.) Decide on new packaging that incorporates logo. Check!

2.) Have all blog posts finished a week in advance, at least. A few were planned a week in advance but not many. Oh well...

3.) Read two books (Finish Villette & 7 Habits). I'm sharing the Villette review on Thursday, if you're interested.

4.) Bring inventory up to 100 listings on Etsy. I reached 75 pieces made, but they're not all listed yet. 

5.) Write a handwritten letter once a week. 1 handwritten letter was written. That's not really acceptable, is it? 

6.) Conquer laundry like a boss. Laundry was conquered like an intern. It's a stepping stone.

7.) Get in the habit of waking up at 5:30 every morning. (cue laugh track) Didn't happen. Are you surprised? When someone sets a goal expecting to fail, it doesn't usually work.

8.) Each piece I make MUST be something I love. Check!

9.) Finish reading Daniel & the New Testament. Finished Daniel and am working through Hebrews now.

Now for November:

1.) Refine schedule to allot enough time for each work-related & home-related (and just me-related) responsibility (that includes figuring out what wake-up time will get it all done)

2.) Finish 7 Habits & P.G. Wodehouse's Joy Comes in the Morning

3.) Read the remainder of the New Testament

4.) Reach 100 listings by Black Friday!

5.) Prep for local weekend craft fair that runs from mid-November to mid-December

6.) Write a handwritten letter every week.

7.) Make sure local boutique is stocked with my jewelry for the holidays.

8.) Run another giveaway (coming soon)

What are your goals for the month? Feel free to link to them in the comments below.

As I'm transitioning into November, here are a few posts you may have missed from October: 

Oh, and get out and vote! :)


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  1. Love your goals! Sound like. Busy upcoming season for you!
    My goals are listed here: http://lovelydoesit.com

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping it won't be toooo busy. ;)


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