Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You, Veteran

I may or may not have posted this video before, but there's no greater time to hear these words than on Veteran's Day. Our country has been chaotic and divided lately and for the last few years, there have been whispers that it's wrong to take pride in America as we know it, that there is much we have to be ashamed of and that our standards have to change. For anyone who believes our country needs to apologize for being what we are, a nation of free men and women, Ronald Reagan has the perfect words:

I'm taking this opportunity to thank veterans of the present and the past for their sacrifice. We are so blessed to have the freedoms that we have and it's because of their sacrifices that we still have them. Sadly, we sometimes take our freedom for granted today and what could be created and built by free people is often overlooked in favor of mediocre, couch potato life. As citizens, there is no greater honor to be paid to the soldiers who protect us than living well and working hard. We are Americans. We should be proud, but we are never entitled. May we all be soldiers who work to protect our way of life not just from being eradicated by an enemy, but from being unappreciated by extremely blessed citizens.


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