Friday, October 17, 2014

Box of Chocolates Friday 10.17.14

Happy weekend, y'all! I spent a little too much of the week having fun, so I've got some work to catch up on before Monday. But, that's okay cause I love my job. More work! :) One of the fun things I did this week was going rock wall climbing again! It was awesome! Here's a pic of me bouldering. Note the absence of a rope, but also note I'm only 2 feet off the ground.

And here are the goodies:

-I enjoyed reading this: Joanna Goddard's beauty uniform

-Allow Yourself to Be a Beginner

-Pumpkin Pie Pudding

-Affirmations for Every Blogger & Entrepreneur

-Perspective: I Just Got Engaged & Immediately Doubted My Decision

-30 Excellent Bookstore Windows from Around the World

-This cell phone case:

Oh, and:

-This video is from last week, but if you ever saw Carlton dance on Fresh Prince, you'll probably find it cute like I did (sorry i couldn't find one without the judges comments :)).

-HAHA! Guy torments girlfriend with LOTR quotes:

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! At some point, do this, would you please?



  1. The guy tormenting his girlfriend with LOTR quotes is pretty funny. I wonder if they stayed together long? ;)

    And I love Carlton!

    Oh, and did you see this link?

    I thought it was kinda cool.

  2. That is cool! 4 of those movies are ones I enjoy a lot. :) Something tells me that girlfriend probably gave her LOTR quoting boyfriend an ultimatum.

  3. Those bookstore windows! It makes me fall in love with bookstores even more (which only makes me realllly sad because so many are closing these days!).

    And I cannot wait to dive into the rest of these links (especially the one about being a beginner--that sounds like a wonderful read)! Thanks for sharing them, Anna! :)

  4. I know, Kiki! I was having a conversation with someone in church yesterday about how bookstores are dying because of nooks and kindles. The thought of no bookstores makes me want to kindle all the nooks and nuke all the kindles. (Is that wrong to say?)

  5. Not wrong to say at all! I actually started a Project Bookshelf because I'm such a HUGE fan of books (aside from blogs, I don't like to read things on screens. I like turning pages!). :)


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