Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tasty Bananas

Get it? There's a knock-knock joke...

I have a banana-oriented post today, and while it might seem like I was trying to be cute or thematic, I just thought I would try frying bananas and putting them on top of cookies. It was all for yumminess, not for cuteness. :)

Just one banana, sliced and browned in a pan w/ a little olive oil. When they were toasty brown, I poured a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of honey (I mixed them and microwaved them for a few seconds) in the pan and let them boil in it. Once the liquid had boiled off, I sprinkled cinnamon on them, pulled them out of the pan, stacked them on a shortbread-ish cookie and drizzled warm chocolate sauce on top. Then, I ate it.

The end...



  1. Ha ha! that was funny. :) -- Rebekah S.

  2. Was is *good*???

    That is my question.

    I have to say it was awfully creative. :)

  3. It was yummy, yes! It reminded me of when I was about 5 and my dad's boss had us over for dinner. After the meal, I asked where dessert was... :] There was no dessert (embarrassing little kid), but the boss was so sweet; he popped into the kitchen and made fried bananas with chocolate for us. :)


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