Friday, March 14, 2014


A while back, my mom gave Plum & Clementine a couple of her old, out of commission flip phones to play with. They love to "talk on the phone" to each other. I heard the following conversation the other day while working in the next room. It's pretty representative of the typical length and content of their convos...

Plum: Hi!
Clementine: ...
Plum: Hello...?
Clementine: Sorry!
I was putting something away and got distracted.
Plum: That's okay!
Clementine: So, yeah, bye!
Plum: Bye!

I'm so glad they had that talk.

From the week:

-Molly from A Piece of Toast visited Paris recently and took a ton of beautiful pictures that she shared on her blog. They made me want to go back!

-Read this and sit up straight!

-I'm going to try making this! Citrus Salt Body Scrub...

-Weird! Slinky sculpture by Li Hongbo. It looks like a marble bust, but it's not. Click here for A Cup of Jo's video of slinky head.

-You've probably seen the "the BBC thinks you've only read 6 out of these 100 books" list before, but this is the best site I've seen to "score yourself" on how much you show up the BBC. :)

-I love stories like this about good sportsmanship and loving people.

-Former Secretary of State Colin Powell's 60 year old selfie...what! :)

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