Friday, March 28, 2014


The week didn't quite go as planned and Wednesday's post got lost in the shuffle! But, there's plenty to peruse in today's mishmash. Did you have a good week? I think I'm catching a cold...AIRBORNE!

From the week...

-A quote that is so true...


-I would love to wear more dresses this spring/summer, but I'm having such a hard time finding ones that I like! This one from Anthropologie is very cute, but so out of my price range. The hunt continues.

-A list of 6 DIY Green and Safe Cleaning Products put together by Verily Magazine

-Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to study God's word and spend time with Him? I do. This article was really encouraging. From Relevant...

-These 10 Best Easter DIY projects from Camille Styles are quite festive.

-This might just make you cry like I did! One photographer's tribute to his beloved wife...

-I love quiche. No, really, I love quiche. Quiche and I are really tight. I hear people making fun of quiche, saying it's a dainty, girlie food only served at brunches for dainty, girlie people. If that's true, I proclaim to be both dainty and girlie right now! Here's a recipe from A Cup of Jo for crustless cheddar and broccoli quiche that I would love to try.


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