Friday, March 21, 2014


I'm posting my Friday mishmash so late!!! It's been a hectic day. How was yours? Here's to a happy weekend! :)

From the week:

-Good thought...

-Did you know that has a "hair day forecast" feature? I discovered it recently and thought it was funny. :)

-A Beautiful Mess now has a shop where they sell photography courses and actions, among other things. I had never heard of an "action" before perusing their little shop. They're awesome! I'm thinking of buying this collection of actions. The picture below uses my favorite one.

-Found another recipe I have to try. This one caters to my love of pancakes. Cornbread Pancakes w/ Maple-Lemon Curd by Naturally Ella.

-Christian Bale and his true mini-me! Freaky...

-100 year old BFFs discuss pop culture. Watch the video. It's really cute. :)

-Pretty! Want to try the steps for this half-up ponytail?


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