Friday, March 7, 2014


Is anyone else having trouble with the dryness in the air? I have dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair... As a result, I've been drinking a lot more water than usual and using a ton of lotion. I even stuck my hands in socks while I slept last night. How do you cope with this??

I have very little to say about the weekend. I'm going to be doing laundry and watching Psych reruns with my family. There will also be a lot of designing! New pieces to come!!!


-5 Things To Do While You're Single ...a little article that strikes at the heart of what purposeful single years should be about.

-Do any of you watch BBC's Sherlock? They just finished an amazing 3rd season! I love the writing and acting on that show. It's excellent. In the book, the stories are told from the perspective of Watson, as if he were writing them, so on the show they have Watson writing a blog chronicling all of their adventures. Last week I stumbled on the real thing! Take a peek, it's a fun read! Here.

-Lemon & Vanilla Cream Sandwiches from Roost. Spring seems like the time for citrus. I've had a hankering for it lately. These look so good!

-Try these exercises geared specifically towards balance by Real Simple. I went ice skating last week. I need these.

-"Hip" 20-somethings swap clothes with their grandparents. (Funnily enough, a few of them look like that's what they were going for to begin with.)

-I read this article yesterday...Apparently, figure skating queen, Yuna Kim, actually spoke out about the judging in Sochi. She was just saying what most of us were thinking...

-Cute and simple.

-This is cool. The NY Times put together frame by frame shots of some of the Olympic events. Poor Mao Asada...

-Personalized is always better. Make a spoon rest your own! But remember to use food-safe porcelain pens. Check out what Laura used here.


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