Thursday, October 3, 2013

Literary Update

The summer is over, and I managed to make a small dent in my reading list with classics like Cry, the Beloved Country, The Great Gatsby, Little Dorrit, and True Grit. I also read Lewis's Letter's to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer. I'm really torn about giving you reviews cause you might be sitting here reading for a really really long time, but I'll rate them in the order that I liked them best from greatest to least...Little DorritTrue Grit, Cry the Beloved Country, Letter's to Malcolm, The Great Gatsby. Maybe in the future I'll explain what I liked and didn't like about each...

This fall I'm planning on reading at least these:



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  1. I LOVE the top picture for this post! You can't tell -- or even hint at --- what happens in "Rebecca" 'cause I'm reading it after you. :-p --R.S.


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