Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 Reasons Why Pinterest Is A Must-Have

What a resource Pinterest has become! It's hard to remember what it was like before we were pinning every photo, recipe, diy and outfit we came across online. It can lead to hours of addictive fun! But, there's more to it than fun. Here are 6 reasons why you should be using Pinterest if you have an online presence or a product to share.

1. If you blog or use pictures in any kind of digital publication, you're missing out on a great tool if you don't pin! As long as you track down the original source of the photo you want to use, it's the perfect way to find images.

2. When working online, visual is everything. If you have a brand, the images you choose to pin can do a lot to give your customers, clients or employers a strong visual of who you are and what they can expect from your work. 

3. Pinning is one of the easiest ways to keep track of online articles and blog posts. They're all in one spot! Pinterest will even let you have secret boards, which makes it easier to keep your public boards clean and styled according to your brand. Just pin all the useful/messy stuff in secret!

4. I can't tell you how many times I've had writer's block, started digging through Pinterest and been saved. There are a ton of inspirational ideas and pictures. It's like a vat of creativity.

5. When you want to spread the word about your own photographs or work, Pinterest is one of the first places you should turn to. A good photo or concept goes viral in no time!

6. One of the biggest reasons I have for recommending Pinterest isn't directly related to business or blogging. It's something I'll probably talk more about later because it truly has made an impact on me... Not only can you pin images, you can pin words. There are boards on Pinterest filled with quotes and verses; thousands of positive messages all in one spot. That's powerful. I'd advise you all to create a board of words that build you up and to visit it frequently. Here's mine


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  1. This is all so true! Pinterest is such a great tool to use, and it is fun!

    xo Carrie


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