Monday, February 10, 2014


I've really been enjoying the process of discovering all the different materials to work with within the world of gemstones! One of my favorites so far is the druzy. Wikipedia's definition of "druzy" or "druse" is "a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode." Each druzy I use is a section of fine crystals jutting out from stone. I have been making gold druzy necklaces for some time, but more recently, I found silver titanium and peach quartz druzies that I absolutely love! You can shop for them here and here.

What do you think??

-I've been loving this song


  1. I really love the peach. Are there anymore colors? -- Rebekah

  2. The silver and a gold one, Rebekah. I'm hoping to get blue soon!

    Thanks, Lily!!!


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