Friday, February 21, 2014


Behold the weekend... I'm surprised at how quickly the week flew by! I have nothing planned over the next few days beyond watching the Olympic closing ceremonies and shipping orders. How about you?

From the week...


-Jess Lively usually has great things to say and this little article was no exception...The Key Ingredient for Deeper Relationships. I've experienced much anxiety by feeling too much responsibility to grow a relationship. It's incredibly freeing to recognize what your responsibility really is and let go of the rest.

-My mom showed me this video this week. It's called "My Beautiful Woman." It is simple and makes a wonderful point: beauty isn't on the outside or the inside, it's in people's choices. You'll need kleenex.

-Kendi Everyday had a neat article on packing for a trip. She's also hosting a sweepstakes for a $300 Target gift card!

-I stumbled upon this new shopping section on TOMS website called the Marketplace for people to find products that fund relief of different kinds all over the world. You can shop by product, by brand or by cause. Everything from bowls to hammocks to jewelry...

-Nutella Pudding! There are no words...recipe here.

-Some people read, study, listen to music, etc. during a commute. This man doodles heads for his fellow passengers and tweets about it...

-Camille Styles put together this monochromatic collage with the color of a grapefruit. It's weird, but each year I seem to be attracted to a different color when I buy clothes and things. One year it was cobalt blue, one year it was purple, one year it was kelly green. This year, I feel drawn to this particular shade of pink. It's not as cold as that blush pink color that's popping up all over the blog universe, it's like coral but lighter. I've also developed a fondness for eating the things recently. :)


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