Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This weekend I was able to experience a change of pace and enjoy some relaxing time with a good friend of mine. My family and Abby's are very close; we're like siblings really. So while most of her family mushed in a sled dog competition in MI over the weekend, my sis Rebekah and I stayed with Abby and helped her tend the farm her parents own. Goats, horses, chickens, and a kennel of sled dogs were all under our care. A baby goat lived with us inside the warm log cabin away from the subzero evening temps along with elderly dogs and delicate kittens. Tromping through the snow every morning and evening to feed and water everybody was hard work, but so much fun. I'm fairly certain I don't ever wish to have that many animals to tend every day, but I'm not afraid of the work and have great respect for those who choose it!

Isn't it nice to live a little differently every once in a while and get away from normal responsibilities? It was especially nice to spend some concentrated time with a dear dear friend. :)

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  1. It was a fun weekend! Your photography of that pair of earrings looks really sharp! :) -- Rebekah


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