Friday, February 14, 2014



I hope you're having a happy Valentine's Day! I'm writing to you from a cozy log cabin in the middle of a winter wonderland. There's a goat in the corner and a cat in the rafters. More about that next week. :) 

From this week...

-A flower guide...this is handy for V Day...too bad you're the one looking at it and not that special guy. Go make yourself a bouquet of narcissus and ranunculas!

-I would love to see these figure skaters (my favorites) repeat this moment...I'll be tuning in Monday to watch the finals of ice dancing! Are you following the Olympics??

-I love this citrus wreath Jo sent her mom this week!

-This video was such a happy find for me! I always loved watching Scott Hamilton skate when I was little. I had no idea that he was now a Christian. He has an amazing testimony, too. Watch here!

-Salmon. Avocado. Grapefruit. The grapefruit w/ those other two ingredients sounds just different enough to be delicious! Salad recipe here.

-The face that Ashley Wagner will be remembered for... This, to me, is incredibly sad. I would love to see the USA Olympic staff put together some training material for their athletes on how to graciously accept the results of a judged sport!

Credit: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images; Darren Cummings/Pool/Getty Images (right)

-Great quote...

-I sort of feel like this song should have gone with my previous post. We'll pretend it did. :)

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