Friday, February 7, 2014


First things first, I'm incredibly excited about watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight!!! Hopefully, Sochi can pull it together and we'll all be floored by their show, even if their bathroom accommodations aren't quite up to snuff. And, hopefully, everyone will be safe. Tomorrow morning, ice dancing kicks off in the figure skating team competition. My favorites are the Canadians. I don't know why, but most of my favorite figure skaters are Canadian. I'm sorry, America, I'm rooting for you in all other events!

From the week...

-Borrowed from Clementine Daily

-Look, Baby Gap has a Paddington Bear collection! I loved Paddington Bear in the old old days. This is so cute!

-I'm ordering one of these...

-I watched the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate on Tuesday night and was fascinated by a lot of the points made, as well as the behavior of both men. I'm of the opinion that Ken Ham won and was proud of the passionate way he shared his love of God and truth. Here are a few articles about the debate including one by the moderator.

-I teared up watching this adorable little baby discover rain for the first time. 

-I sent this gold lion and garnet necklace off to Germany today! I love getting international orders. It's so cool thinking of someone in a faraway country walking around wearing my jewelry! It humbles me.

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