Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yellow, Polka-Dot Jumpsuit?

image c/o mytomayto

(The royal baby was born yesterday in case you missed it...not sure how you could have. I must confess to watching video streaming live online, awaiting the appearance of the duke and duchess from the maternity ward. It's kind of a tradition with my mom and sister...we watch the royal family live. No word yet on a name, but I'm hoping for Rupert.)

Today, I'm broaching that topic that does so much to make women everywhere uncomfortable...modesty. My philosophy is, everyone is entitled to make decisions about that sort of thing on their own, but I personally believe that I should always dress to respect myself and the men around me...that means being careful about how much of my body I reveal. I appreciate the perspective of swimsuit designer and actress, Jessica Rey. Her "bikini" video was extremely intelligent, insightful and respectful to women and men. She also had some really interesting facts and historical tidbits to share about the bikini. Take a look...

What are your thoughts? Do you feel concern over helping men guard their minds from objectifying women or does it offend you to think of sacrificing a fashion statement for that reason? Do you have different reasons for choosing to wear more when you swim? What alternatives have you found in swimwear? (And just so y'all know, I have no clue what is out there in the way of swimwear or even what I would wear if I went swimming cause I haven't been swimming for six years. Dead serious. I live in the Midwest and never get to the beach or even the pool to swim. Here's hoping I haven't forgotten how...)

Oh, and I mentioned that Jessica is an actress... she played what could probably be considered the most modest super hero ever... guesses? Anyone? No? She was a power ranger. :)


  1. A really good post and an enjoyable speaker. I liked Jessica, and she was a Power Ranger??? Funny! -- R. S.

  2. I loved her speech. I thought she was so intelligent, beautiful and right about what she was saying! I will keep wearing my bikini, but make sure it's modest enough and covers all the right areas :) Have you seen some of the things young girls are wearing for swimsuits now?! It's unreal!


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