Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July!

It's July! AND IT'S WET! :)  It positively poured across the Midwest this weekend and flooded in lots of places. Fortunately, I enjoy a good summer rain.

I am now on Bloglovin, just so you know! A Bloglovin' account is basically a newsfeed with all recent blog posts from your favorite bloggers. If you have an account, follow me to see my posts in your newsfeed. :) You can follow me by clicking the button on the sidebar to the upper right under my photo!

I have a couple of new sparklies to share:

Ruby Birthstone Necklace (just in time for July birthdays)

Have a happy's your song.

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  1. You stuck earrings into the pages of a book and took pictures of them! Genius!! -- R. S. :)


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