Monday, July 15, 2013


The internet is on the mend! I think I caught whatever illness it had, though. Last night was slightly uncomfortable... my breathing apparatus wasn't fully functional. I hate colds. Little factoid about me... whenever I get sick, I pop Rocky in the DVD player and somehow feel better. I think I'll do that this afternoon.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening working on my ad. It's going on to In Honor of Design tomorrow!

Which one do you like better? I know, they're so different! ;) I can't choose which color shading to use, so I think I'm going to give both to Anna (of IHOD) and let her decide. :)

Gonna go make myself some hot tea now. I never drink hot tea, that's how in need I am. Hot tea and Rocky...

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  1. I like the gold one better. Really like the new ad design. Very, very pretty! :) -- R. S.


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