Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dream Home!

I've never been super interested in interior design, but lately I've begun thinking more seriously about what my dream home would look like. Lots of "haute couture homes" are beautiful and pristine and modern, but they look so gosh darn uncomfortable. Comfort is a priority in my house. And, while I used to think my dream home would be wall to wall color, I'm beginning to see that I enjoy having color pop out in furniture and accessories, not all over the walls. It's so much easier to make everything match that way. Here's a collection of rooms from gorgeous homes that I absolutely love!

As you may have noticed, I really like well lit, airy, open spaces with lots of plant life and modern/french cottage details. Sources listed below... 

Anyone want to come visit me in my dream house some day?? 

Note: my REAL house is most likely going to look something like this...

1.Southern Charm - 2 & 3 Brunch at Saks - 4. Unknown (pinterest) - 5. Pawley's Island Posh - 6. Unknown (pinterest) - 7. Crush Cul de Sac - 8. Lalouna - 9. Lonny  10. Unknown (pinterest)

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