Monday, June 3, 2013

Have a Happy Monday!

If you're one of those people who detests Mondays, this is for you...

Things are going well in the banana grove. I'm still in the developmental stages of this business; lots of planning and strategery (isn't that a word now, thanks to Pres. Bush?). It tries my patience sometimes and I'm anxious about a lot of it, but my mother continues to remind me that it's a process. And when I stop and think about it, this is extremely awesome, stress and all...My God is teaching me so much through something I absolutely love. It doesn't get any better than that!

No matter what strategery goes on, I continue creating... here's the latest:

My first metal love is gold and the herkimer diamond contrasts beautifully with it. Very delicate, very simple. More photos here.

If the pup in a cup didn't do the trick, listen to this oldie and decide to have a happy Monday. :)


  1. That IZ a happy song! Hee hee hee! ;)
    Good photo of the bracelet, too! -- R


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