Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello, my friends! Easter is almost here! I'm getting excited about the weekend, as well as a little nervous. In addition to a big holiday weekend planned, I'm preparing for a trip to visit relatives down south, filling jewelry orders, and trying to keep up with everyday things like eating and sleeping. I get overwhelmed with life when I feel pressure from different areas and this produces nerves. Some friends of mine just brought chocolate covered espresso beans into the house. Do those make nerves better or worse? Time will tell. How are you spending your weekend?

From the week...

-Amazing portraits done in embroidery by artist Cayce Zavaglia! Gorgeous. More here.

-This sort of thing always encourages me. It's a list of rejection letters sent to the likes of George Orwell and U2. The take away from this is that you shouldn't stop putting your work out there. Quitting is the leading cause of failure.

-Great idea for decorating unique Easter eggs from Martha Stewart.

-3 habits that hurt your credibility at work from Verily "It's not personal, it's business!"

-Strawberry Blood Orange Limeade from Mara (this is non-alcoholic by the way)...

-I just wanted to share this in case any other "Fiddler" fans are reading. A rare production/publicity photo of Hodel and Perchik (Michele Marsh & Paul Michael Glaser) just cropped up. Aren't they just precious?

-My good friend Eileen from A Creative Day was just featured by Home Depot for her backyard makeover in their Patio Style Challenge. You can look at it here. She did a great job! Also, congrats to Eileen and her husband Luke! They've just announced they're about to have twins. :)

-Kids React to Walkmans. This is actually pretty funny but also kind of sad.


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