Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Thanksgiving List


Prepare your stomachs for filling and warm up your voices for merrymaking! Hopefully, your Thanksgiving will be spent with people you love and good food. As with every Thanksgiving, there should also be a large amount of thankfulness.

This year, I feel as though I am just getting a grasp on what being thankful means. First of all, the thanks is directed to God alone since He alone is responsible for life. I believe that thanking Him is all about humbling ourselves enough to recognize our need for God's provision and then allowing ourselves to express gratitude to Him for it. We can't do that when we try to have control over everything or when we refuse to take responsibility for our mistakes. I invite all of you to let go of control, own up to your mistakes and seek the freedom and refreshment that come when you remind yourself that you can't live without Him and that He has freely given you life in abundance. I'm writing a "thanksgiving list" this year of just a few of the many things that make my life more abundant and for which, I am thankful...

My Thanksgiving List:
-The winter wonderland outside my window
-pecan pie
-the freedoms protected under our nation's constitution
-parents who hold me accountable
-new socks
-doctors who want to help
-P. G. Wodehouse
-a sister who understands most everything that comes out of my mouth
-frozen custard
-divine matchmaking (the only kind)
-friends that stick around and don't have to ask before eating your food
-the guys who drive around spreading salt on the roads
-a business that's working!!!!
-deep south family who are always there
-Black Mountain, NC
-that man at the postal place who's always friendly and patient
-knuckle band-aids
-long phone calls
-hands to make with
-the people who suffer the most and yet still show everyone how happy they are to be alive

Remember to thank the One who gave you absolutely everything this Thankgiving!


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