Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why I Love... P90X

Time for another Why I Love! We're talking about fitness and my favorite workout! Today I'm listing all the reasons why I love...P90X.

Before I begin, let me explain what P90X is for those of you who aren't familiar with it. It was developed by Beachbody.com and is an intense, at-home, 90-day workout designed to get anyone's body to pique performance level after 3 months! There's a food plan that goes along with it, as well, for those who have more weight to lose. The torture is minimal, trust me. I have done both P90X and P90X3 at different times and enjoyed them both immensely! Here's why:

1. Tony Horton...The fearless leader. Obviously, if you're going to work out every day with a person, that person needs to be someone you can stand. While I have muted Tony from time to time (which you can do while still getting cues, by the way), he is actually pretty entertaining and definitely motivates me. Some of the most ridiculous stuff comes out of his mouth, though. Be forewarned. :)

2. Modifications...When I first started the program, I lacked the endurance and strength needed to go at the same pace as the demo crew in the video. Thankfully, they demonstrate ways to do the exercises at a less intense level, which is a huge help when you're just starting out. Eventually, you can begin doing each exercise at full strength, and it's amazing how quickly you gain momentum.

3. Variety...The program includes several different workouts. P90X3, which I'm using right now has sixteen of them, that include weight lifting, yoga, pilates, martial arts, plyometrics, cardio and more. Following the schedule made for you, you will do a different one every day. The theory behind this is that using different muscles differently each day whips your entire body into shape faster. And, obviously, it's less boring than doing the same exact workout for weeks on end!

4. Simplicity...It's unnecessary to have a large number of weights or tons of gear (of course, you can use them, but not having them won't keep you from being able to do the program). Basically, what you see above and a pair of good court shoes is all you have to have (other than things you already own, like a towel).

5. No pressure...there is pressure, but only enough to encourage you to keep going. The goals are attainable because they're measurable and not out of reach...work out today. Just today. "Do your best and forget the rest" is Tony Horton's mantra and if you're focused on doing the most you can one day at a time, you'll be amazed what that means at the end of 3 months.

6. Fun...it's genuinely fun to work out and feel strong. I've discovered new loves through this program, too. Kenpo and Yoga? LOVE THEM!

7. Health and Security...This is not specific to P90X, but after working out, I'm always left with a great sense of accomplishment, as well as a sense of security (false, though it may be). Cause you know what? I just might survive that zombie apocalypse now! Every single one of us needs the health and capability that comes from being strong!

What is your favorite workout program? Do you exercise at home or are you a gymie? (Did I just make that up or is that real? Is it a hashtag at least?) Have you tried P90X before? Let's talk fitness in the comments below!



  1. hahaha!!! I was wondering if you would put a Rocky song with this post! So surprising! ;) I think I'll go listen to "Eye of the Tiger" and clean some stalls tomorrow... ;)

    1. HAHA! :D You know me too well. I thought about "Eye of the Tiger" but I saved it for another day. :) Have fun cleaning!


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