Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Readers

(I guess I am that person who takes pictures of their feet cause they have nothing else to take a picture of...)

Dear Readers,

Just a few rambling words from me as the seasons change...

My lovely, warm, green summer is coming to a close. I'll try to keep from making a scene when I finally have to say goodbye. I keep picturing that Geico commercial, "Jessie, don't go! Jessie, NO!" *wailing*. This could get real unattractive real fast.

While I love summer and while fall feels like the herald of me freezing for the next 5-6 months, I always enjoy most of the things that come with it: jackets, soup, boots, pumpkin donuts, hot tea, colors, apple cider, and that feeling that's in the air. I have this memory of fall from my childhood of being in a garden at night with twinkle lights everywhere and a cool breeze blowing, listening to Enya. That feeling is what I associate with's all mysterious and starry.

Besides the seasons changing, I'm trying to make changes in my productivity. I love my job(s), and my personal life, and the work I do for to balance it all? (How do YOU balance it all?) Even within my business, I'm trying to balance marketing & blogging with production & customer service, and it's hard. I love this blog and I love to write. I also love the sense of community that comes from collaborating with other bloggers. But, at the end of the day, what do I have to write and share about if I'm neglecting life outside of that little cyber world? I pray I can find a way to dedicate just the right amount of time to each area this new season...

I definitely do not intend to let go of this platform, though. For the past few weeks, I've been feeling a bit down (I'm not depressed or anything, just had a rough August). My attitude has been affected, and I find myself often sounding pretty negative. I just recognized it this week and knew I needed to nip it in the bud! I believe we're all responsible for creating happiness for ourselves. That means turning to Scripture every single day and thanking God for all His gifts. It also means finding ways to highlight and share all the things that you love. Luckily, that's what blogs are for. Stay tuned as the seasons change. What changes are you going through this fall?

Much Love,




  1. Balance is so hard!!! I schedule a time to work on my blog and get all my posts done for the week :) That helps a lot!

    1. That's a great approach, Elizabeth. I feel like waiting 'til the night before to write a post is way too stressful while planning a month ahead is nigh on impossible! A week would be perfect. :)


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