Monday, September 1, 2014


I cannot tell you how difficult it is to take pictures of my cat. I've tried about four or five times since finishing my photography course, and he is a most unruly subject. First of all, he knows what I'm doing and thinks it's ridiculous. He's made that perfectly clear. Every time I've tried to get a few shots, he turns away and acts peeved. But, when I have caught him, he's making an annoyed face, which comes across pretty bad in photos (your own fault, Possum). Exhibit A:

Here's another one...The fact that it's out of focus is entirely my fault, but my stars, look at his little face! He's channeling Scar from the Lion King.

The other day, I managed to catch him by surprise and got a decent one.

Anyway, everyone meet Possum. He spells his name without the "o" at the beginning. Poor thing's been diabetic for the last couple years and has to take insulin twice a day. :( If you're wondering why we named him after a marsupial it's because he looked a lot like a baby opossum (much cuter, though) when we first found him. He's my family's last surviving pet, and while he'll probably never be real photogenic, we love him a lot.



  1. Awwww!!! I like the pictures! The first and last ones are good!

    1. Thanks! I liked the first one the most.


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