Friday, August 30, 2013

Lifelong Learning

This past month, my family and I hosted a student from Turkey in our home. :) It was a wonderful experience and kept us quite busy! Lots of great memories and awesome conversations. She has moved on now, and we are doing the same, but it is amazing what a month spent with someone from a different family and culture does for your own personal growth. I feel so blessed to have made such a dear, new, lifelong friend (she really became a part of our family) and to understand more about people in general.

The Lord blesses us with things like this that shape and change us and help us grow. Right now, I have the opportunity to begin the new month and a new chapter in life at the same time and I am excited to do so with all that I have learned. One thing I have learned is how important it is to stay focused on what God has for me right now: my shop, my family and friends, and following Him no matter what.

Just want to take a moment to point out the fact that we learn all our lives...sometimes, we learn through Turks and sometimes we learn through Coursera and sometimes we learn through Fill-the-Silence. (Came across those two sites in the last 24 hours and they both were quickly bookmarked.) Appreciate any and every opportunity you have to learn without spending any money. :)

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