Monday, April 8, 2013

April Loves Herkimer

(Maybe "Joanie Loves Chachi" would've lasted a few more seasons if the characters' names had been April and Herkimer.)

Before April began, I pondered possible trends for the month and, being a baby jewelry shop, I shot for the simplest, most obvious thing to shoot for: birthstone necklaces. Aha! But April's birthstone is a DIAMOND, you say?? Well, forget that! And I would have forgotten it, if it hadn't been for Herkimer...

The Herkimer Diamond is a quartz diamond found in Herkimer county, New York in the late 18th century. Being quartz, it is less expensive than a full-fledged diamond, but is still beautiful and unique. It has 18 facets and looks very raw and natural.

Herkimers were a much better option for my shop, and now you can buy an April birthstone necklace with a single stone in both gold and silver at Banana Grove Designs. Isn't that nice?


  1. I looked up "Herkimer" the other day, because I had no idea what it was. Your jewelry is beautiful, Anna! Well done on your photos, too. :)


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