Thursday, January 16, 2014


If you are like me, you begin counting the days til the spring equinox as soon as the new year has passed. I just like being warm, is all. It can be pretty rough going some years when winter drags on and on, but, this year, I have something to distract me! The Winter Olympics in Sochi! Is anyone else excited? Both seasons of the games have always been exciting for me, but figure skating is probably my most favorite event of all. This year, I'm looking forward to following the Canadian ice dancing team who won gold in Vancouver (not very patriotic of me, I know).

Curling is also a favorite! Why curling? What is curling? Watch and find out! It seems tame, but it's fairly addictive. And then there's snowboarding...Shaun White cut his hair. I hope that doesn't affect his game. I shall call him the Flying Cherry Tomato.

The Olympics just have a special feel. I enjoy watching so many different countries and cultures interact through the timeless tradition of sport. Everyone's doing whatever it takes to be the best athlete in their discipline. I have respect for that kind of dedication. All the stupid fluff pieces NBC puts together make me tear up, too. Silly me.

Are you going to watch??

This song...

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