Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Been So Long...

Greetings, Reader! It's exciting to be writing my first post to you in the new year. I really wasn't sure if I would continue with this once the holidays had passed me by. Honestly, I was having (and still have) a lot of doubts about the success of my little blog, but my mother and sister(s) kept bringing it up and expressing certainty that I was making a mistake to quit. SO, blame them! Over the next few weeks I expect to be making some changes to Banana Grove Designs and focusing more on this blog. I won't give up as long as my mom and sis stay interested. They already know everything that's going on in my life and then some, so believe me, if they're still interested, it means a lot!

Something new in my shop...January Birthstone Necklaces. This is the design I'm going with for birthstone necklaces! I'm hoping to take some pictures of them on people soon to give you an idea of how pretty they look when worn! Find them in the shop here. Also available in 14k gold.

A song for the New Year...Paul McCartney's back?!

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  1. Thanks, Anna! It's good to see another post. :) -- Rebekah


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