Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On My Mind...

There's a lot on my mind, but less on my head. I got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago after 4 years of long long hair. I loved having long hair, but I've wanted to switch to a long bob for a while now. Just needed a change. Pics to come...

On my mind...

-What in the world are "they" thinking by making another Batman movie and doing it without Chris Nolan and Christian Bale??? Are "they" insane? I'm not even going to watch such a thing. I don't care who it is "they" hire. Ben Affleck is a good actor, but I'd feel the same way about him being Batman as I would about Orlando Bloom being's futile.

-What is happening in our country right now? Why are things so messed up?? (Always on my mind)

- College Football has arrived and I can't figure out how I feel about it. If I tried, I'm sure I could enjoy it...

- I really want to get out on the tennis court this fall.

-Are you as excited as I am about Hitchcock Sundays on Turner Classic Movies this month? I've watched "Rope" "Marnie" and "Shadow of A Doubt" already...all so creepy.

- I love Guacamole. I love Bruschetta. Behold... Guacamole Bruschetta!

- I'm rereading C.J. Mahaney's Humility. I've sensed a need...but it's not just for those who feel a need. Read it, it's an incredible message for anyone.

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  1. You have guacamole and bruschetta on your mind? You're funny. ;)
    But, I am definitely excited about the Hitchcock Sundays!!! And I also want to get on a tennis court again this fall. Good post, Anna! -- R.S. :)


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