Saturday, May 4, 2013

Michaela Noelle Designs... pssst, don't forget Mother...

Favorite Blogs, continued...

#2 - Michaela Noelle Designs: I have to be honest, when I first stumbled across this blog, I wasn't that impressed. It looked like a bunch of other blogs I'd already seen. When I came back the second or third time, I had a totally different reaction. I don't know if Michaela remodeled her blog or if I was just having a bad day the first time I looked at it, but I have loved it ever since! It's a lifestyle blog filled with fashion and interior design (lots of gorgeous home tours) with a nice sprinkling of diys and hair tutorials mixed in. The layout is so crisp, bright and cheery, it draws you into Michaela's sunny Californian happy place. The other aspect of the blog I truly appreciate, beyond the aesthetics, is the honest way Michaela communicates her life story, particularly her journey through college as an interior design student, and her faith. She's a Christian, and it is so encouraging to see her writing to her readers about her relationship with God with boldness and conviction. Go be cheered by Michaela Noelle Designs!

The Mother's Day Sale continues over at the shop, everyone! Order now and I can still make sure it gets to you before May 12th! :)  Remember the code for 15% off at checkout!


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