Friday, January 2, 2015

Finding Balance Between Business & Blog in 2015 (Blogging, let's stay together cause I'm still in love with you)


It's been a while...

Has anyone wondered what's become of Banana Grove Designs' blog and the obviously scattered woman running it? It's still around, the scattered woman is alive and well, and she finally has a new laptop that she loves, and a hard drive restored with much needed information! The loss of the old laptop was just one of the things that happened around Thanksgiving which hampered my ability to devote time to this space. An emergency with one of my part-time jobs called me in for hours and hours of overtime, and the holiday busyness kicked in for the jewelry shop. Like so often happens when we're absent from things for a lengthy period of time, it was difficult to return, and I did a lot of soul searching regarding this blog.

I have learned so many things in 2014 about my business and, particularly, about the delicate balance between business and blog. Here's a list of things I've learned... If you have a business with a blog, these definitely apply to you:

-Don't forget your purpose: If you started a blog for the purpose of sharing your business, don't lose sight of that, unless you make the decision to blog for profit instead. The business is your money maker...Don't forget!

-Blog about your business! Tell people about the new products you're offering and the behind the scenes of it all. That may seem like a no-brainer and yet, this year, I forgot to take it seriously.

-But don't stop there. Part of why people buy handmade is because of the interaction with a real person. Let them see what makes you who you are, and be open about the fact that you're a one or two woman biz. Add personality to the business through your blog.

-No matter how much you love to write, blog, and connect with other people, don't become distracted from the important (and sometimes boring) stuff. Blogging may be more fun, but it's not the most important thing.

-Find the niche that allows you to combine your business with information that resonates with people. Readers pass up an endless amount of written material online until they find what lends worth to their situation. Provide applicable info to your target audience.

I guess all of these little lessons stem from the biggest mistake I made in 2014: I lost sight of the primary objective. I started doubting my original plan of jewelry making/selling and began blogging like a lifestyle blogger. I can't deny my love of writing and connecting with other women, but after soul searching, I recognized that I set out to build a jewelry business and that's what I need to focus on!

SO my largest goal in 2015 is to rebrand in a way that combines the two: Encouraging my customers in their daily lives and building a successful, profitable business.

If any of you are also struggling to find the balance I'm looking for, I would love to have you follow along and impart your experiences with me.

2015 is laden with possibility! I can feel it! :)


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