Friday, February 13, 2015

The Most Important Lesson I Will Ever Learn About Business

That title sounds pretty epic, yes? THE MOST IMPORTANT. EVER. Pregnant words. But, I mean them because the lesson I learned at the beginning of the year was life changing for me as a business owner and a person and will, I believe, be the key to my success.

For Christmas, my parents gave me a membership to the Influence Network (something that might need its own blog post later), and when looking at the free classes that new members can choose from, I picked one called "Cast Vision for Your Best Year Yet" taught by Haley Morgan (co-founder of the network). I was hopeful that it would give me some great ideas for setting business goals in 2015. Haley began the class by breaking down the process of goal setting into steps, but to my surprise, before she got to the actual "goal setting" step, she emphasized that the first thing we should do is submit our plans to God.

I was sitting there watching the class recording thinking, "Oh, right, yes of course, that's what we should do, absolutely, mmhmmm, let's make sure we submit first," nodding along, but knowing full well that that's the last thing I was thinking of doing. After all, it's my business. If I submit it to God, who knows what He'll do with it...

As if she read my mind, Haley went on to say that those of us who struggle with submitting should examine our hearts and ask for healing from the Lord before we make goals. "Cause if you can't believe that God wants good for you" Haley said, "than the rest of this is probably an exercise in futility. Otherwise I think you'll find yourself working all of it out in striving, and you won't be able to rest in God's strength because you won't be trusting Him."

There were tears after she said that. Talk about conviction.

For the next month, I examined my heart. I set no real actionable goals for my business because I wanted to focus on getting myself right with God. And in the midst of that heart examination, He taught me so much.

He taught me that my fear of Him somehow "sabotaging" my business was unfounded in any kind of truth. He gave me this work. He called me to be productive with these skills. Why would he "sabotage" it?

He taught me that I am merely a steward of any and all of my gifts and projects. I'm not sure how I've been walking around for the last two years "running a business" as a believer without sincerely acknowledging that it's HIS business!

He taught me that He is the best CEO I could ever have. I changed my view of God from "lofty Father in Heaven," to active and interested leader. He is just as invested in my life and career as I am. And He knows EVERYTHING about business. He'll lead me down an unbelievable path of success as defined by Him.

He taught me prayer is powerful. I have been praying over my business regularly for the last 2 months now, bringing decisions large and small to Him and asking for clarity, and He's giving it to me. I have never felt so calm and purposeful and en route to good things.

He taught me that He wants my good. Ultimately, this mindset of handing over my heart's desires to God comes down to whether or not I trust Him, and it applies to all areas of my life. But, my education, my relationships, my career, my health...none of it compares to the good He has already done in giving me my salvation. Christ's death should be enough proof that He wants good for all of us.

That is the most important lesson I will ever learn about business: Trust God. Then, pray over the work, acknowledge Him, use Biblical principles when making decisions, submit it all, and don't skip that important first step.

At the beginning of this week, I sat down and followed the rest of the steps Hayley talked about in goal setting. There are some big changes coming for this little business, and I can't wait to share them with you! My hope in the midst of it is to bring glory to my incredible leader by committing my work to Him and seeing His work unfold.

I would love it if you followed along this year to see it, too. :)


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